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Jay Mathison - Realtor
Naperville Illinois Bridge

Customer Testimonials

"We would greatly recommend you to anyone"

I meant to write to you first! SO much has been going on and it’s been so busy.Settled in and just working on getting all the baby stuff together now.One thing after another :) New paint job is Frank and Jess to the T! All dark colors and we love it. The house looks completely different.We did remove all the carpet and installed a beautiful multi brown color carpet with Empire along with all new appliances! I have to take some updated pics though to send to you. We absolutely love our home and are so pleased with everything.


As far as working with you, we couldn't have been happier. Jay, you helped us through the entire process perfectly and found exactly what we were looking for.You were extremely reliable and easy to reach and get back to us so fast on everything.Not only being more than what we could have hoped for, you are such a nice guy!We enjoyed spending time with you and embarrassing you at TGI Fridays ha-ha!


We would greatly recommend you to anyone so please don't forget to send me some of your business cards! Thanks again for checking in with us!Happy Holidays to you and your family and take care!!!If you are ever interested in learning how to play some poker give us a call :) preferably me if you want to win lol."

Frank and Jess

"You did a great job"



We love the place. We are almost settled, I have several projects going on, the garage, fencing furniture etc.This was a great deal thanks a lot for your help and patients you did a great job."


"I think that you and your team (Roger and Terry) are AWESOME!!!"

Not totally settled yet I still have to re-decorate my living room but for the most part everything is done. I absolutely love the house. And I think that you and your team (Roger and Terry) are AWESOME!!! Although we had a little road block which was totally neither of your fault the way you all kept me informed was wonderful. Thanks for everything.It was truly a pleasure working with you."

Estelle M.

"Thanks again for all your help"



Everything’s going great. Still really busy with getting the house together and we just had Jess's baby shower so now I have that added in the mix. We ended up getting new carpet. When Jess gets a chance she will send you some pics. How’s everything going with you? Thanks again for all your help. We could not be any happier with this house!


Frank D.

"Jay I LOVE my new home…"



Jay I LOVE my new home…I’m pretty well settled in now. I LOVE all the room I have, lots of storage areas. My neighbors have all welcome me into the neighborhood. Still have not done any painting or projects yet….I’m so glad you reminded me about this house, you were very patient during my whole house hunting process and I will definitely refer you to anyone I meet that is looking for a house. I can’t wait till Keshia starts her search for her new home. Thanks again to you and Rodger for all of your help.


Sheryl T.

"We really loved working with you! You really know your job and care about your clients"



Well….it’s going great!Things are great at the new house.We are almost…unpacked. Move went well expect it snowed the day before and it was fun getting everything out of storage in the snow and freezing weather, but def. worth it.


We really loved working with you! You really know your job and care about your clients to make sure that you help them find the right home. It really meant a lot to us! Thank you so much for helping us find our home! I have talked about you so many times to people in the office and family. How professional, friendly and how much passion you had!


I hope your family is well and you are too! Don’t hesitate to keep in touch!


Melissa and Stephanie

"I would most certainly recommend you to anyone I know"

Sorry It took me a while to respond, it just has been a whirl wind of activity since we got the house. We are still moving stuff in slowly but we are getting there to make the place a home, and we couldn't be happier! Everything seems to be just getting better and better!

This was a surprisingly very simple process and it was extremely pleasant to have you work with us. We never felt pressured or hurried to make a decision, and it was clear you worked very hard to get the house at the right price for us with dealing with the builders (more specifically Jackie).

As for feedback, I found everything you did as to be very helpful and honest. I enjoyed the constant communication to keep us in the loop about what was going on. and it might be a 'my generation' thing but it is nice to have the ability to send and receive messages through text messages to you.

I would most certainly recommend you to anyone I know that is in the market to buy a new place, you are on the top of the list.

Thanks for all you help again Jay, talk to you soon.

Matt L.

"Overall, the experience was great. You were terrific."



Just a quick note to say thanks! The new house is great. The painting is going...I think we overestimated what we could get done before moing, but we did get a good start. We move in Saturday, so we'll have much more time to spruce things up. The robin's egg blue is growing on me. I think I can enjoy it for another few weeks..tops. :)


Overall, the experience was great. You were terrific. I appreciate all your help throughout (and when we hit the snag in the flooring).   I'll definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a new home. I'll fill you in on the progress once we're settled. I just wanted to get back to you to say thanks again!



"You are an AA++ Realtor!"


You found me a great home in a great area with a great landlord and I am eternally grateful for all your efforts and coaching to make it happen. You are an AA++ Realtor! May God bless and you in the New Year! PS. Hope you like the cookies I dropped off at your office!


Thank You Jay!


Nancy W.

"Everything is going quite well"

Hey Best Friend!!!! Everything is going quite well..... Katie loves her new school. We seem not to be able to keep Maggie out of the backyard. She loves her new freedom. Funny story. Within the first week, we heard the back slider open. Went to check on her.. She was outside dancing naked in the rain. I am so sure the neighbors just loved it.


How is everything with your family? I hope that everyone is staying well.... Hope to see you soon Jay!



"I appreciate everything Jay did for us in our search"


I would like to share my experience working with Jay. Jay was my 3rd realtor after the first two did nothing to help my inspiration to buy a home. Jay did what the first two did not, he picked up the phone, he kept us informed.


What really stood out for me with Jay was he made me feel that it was Jay himself, buying the home! I stood back watched as he opened doors, did they open/close properly, check the furnace, checked the micro wave, stove, lining on the fridge door, on and on. He always came prepared.


I appreciate everything Jay did for us in our search, as I know you will appreciate his time and effort.


Jerry A.

"Thank YOU for all your help."


Thank YOU for all your help. Between you and Roger, this process was pretty easy and pain free. There were a few hiccups – but I believe that to be first-time buyer naivety.


I was going to reach out to you today, anyway, because I found a pretty hefty (read: fancy) lock of some sort in the back bedroom closet. Could you contact Ken to find out if they want/need that?


Val & Pal

"I can honestly say that Jay Mathison exceeded all of my expectations"


I do apologize for the late reply to your email. I've been so busy still trying to take care of details related to the move.


For me, searching for a home was the second most difficult thing I had to do. The first was finding a reputable agent that would truly listen to my needs and work with my best interest at heart rather than pushing their own agenda.


As someone who has gone through this process many times, I can honestly say that Jay Mathison exceeded all of my expectations. His professional but down-to-earth personality put me at ease from the beginning but what really impressed me was the way he wasted no time and worked around my schedule to get things done so quickly. His attention to detail and great negotiation skills are what enabled me to obtain the place I truly wanted for the best price possible.


Hope all is well Jay...


Thanks again and keep in touch!



"Working with you has been a both a pleasant and easy experience"


We have been busy becoming acclimated to our new home. My husband and I would like to thank you for the time and effort in helping us find a wonderful home for our family so quickly. Working with you has been a both a pleasant and easy experience. Your program is very much appreciated for hard working families like ours who have had a difficult time trying to purchase a home.


I will definitely recommend you to others looking for a home of their own. Thank you again! P.S. My children love their new back yard.


The Davis Family

"Jay, you were very accommodating to my schedule"


When I first came across the website I was apprehensive since I had never bought a home before and had a limited credit history. To my amazement the experience has been all that was promised and more.


Jay, you were very accommodating to my schedule, since I was moving from out of state, and my preferences. We were able to find the perfect home for me in my price range that met what I was looking for.


The whole process was smooth and stress free. I can't thank you and Roger (your lender referral) enough for everything they have done to ensure I got my first home and in a few years when I am ready to move to another place I know exactly who I will be contacting.


Thanks again for everything.


Toni F.

"Thank You so so much"


Sorry it took me awhile to get back to you but we want to say Thank You so much we love our new home! I would recommend you to everyone who was looking for a home!!


Thanks to you we have a home and when nobody else would help us and we thought we would be renters forever until we met you and you gave us our dream!!! You were Great and again Thank You so so much!!


Stephanie & Daniel V.

"PS. The lender you recommended was also great to work with"


Thank you for your awesome work! I appreciate it! I know that the success of your business is directly due to your awesome follow up and Team Player attitude. Thank you! :)


PS. The lender you recommended was also great to work with!


Hasani S.