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Jay Mathison - Realtor
Naperville Illinois Bridge

Financing Options

Grey Button  Our Preferred Lending Partner:Mid American Mortgage, Inc.

This is by far our most valuable partnership we have in place for our client's benefit.  In our years of experience working with countless lenders, no one comes close to Mid American Mortgage, Inc.   We encourage you, at a minimum, speak with them and then make your own informed decision.

Grey Button  Illinois Downpayment Assistance Options

  • Welcome Home Heroes  
  • Veteran Administration (VA) Home Loan Program 
  • Illinois Smart Move Loan Program 
  • FHA Loans 
  • Local City or County Programs 
  • USDA Illinois Guaranteed Rural Housing Loan 
  • Finally Home 
  • Mortgage Credit Certificate 
  • Illinois Hardest Hit Program

Grey Button  Free Credit Review

Please take advantage of this FREE offer from one of our Prefered Lenders.  The lender will review your credit from all 3 credit bureaus and give you an analysis of exactly what you need to do to ehance your credit scores quickly.

If your scores are where they need to be to purchase a home, the lender will generate a Pre-Approval letter and advise you of the how much your are Pre-Approved for.  We can use this to get started right away with your search.

Grey Button  How To Build or Re-Build Your Credit Quickly